Arts and craft club

To improve the creative skills on art and craft. Any event take place inside the campus this club students will do their creativity.

These club activities will take place 25.2.23 onwards. After 3 days club activity one common report take place in front of Principal for follow up the activities.

  • To improve students communication skills and their chance of being successful in the
  • It improves critical thinking and confidence in communication.
  • To enhance the oratory and elocution skills of the students.
  • To train the students to express their thoughts eloquently and confidently.
  • To motivate the critical thinking about primary or social issues around the students.
  • To help students to increase their interest towards debate and English.
  • To interact with students from other colleges regarding social and intellectual activities.

Human Rights club

To discuss the constitution of India .The basic human rights to improve the knowledge among the students. The motto of this club to provide improve and maintain the social status of the students in future. To discuss what are the human rights, violated by the current society.

How to protect themselves from the strangers as per the women rights Law. (Eg. child and women abasement). Discuss the helpline numbers available in Tamil Nadu.

  • I helps to develop the motor skills of the students.
  • It establishes hands and eyes coordination.
  • Students develop confidence and problem solving skills.

Kavingar Kannadhasan Club

Promoting the Skill, writing Kavithai, Elocution and to develop dialogue writing, paper presentation skills.

  • Encourages self-expression and uniqueness in fabric arts and craft skills.
  • Adapts their artistic abilities to support their future design careers.
  • Assess, propose, and apply various techniques related to drafting, draping, and constructing the garments.
  • Demonstrates professionalism by managing time with quality work and for effectively collaborating in teams.
  • Research and relate fashion design to a broader socio economic, historical, and environmental context.

APJ Abdul Kalam club

To develop communication skill, managerial skills, Leadership skills and various fields like event management procedure, event article writing skill, PPT and presentation skill.

  • Provides opportunities to the students to voice out their ideas and talents through media.
  • It inculcates the usage of multimedia tools.

Amartya Sen club

To develop the skills on economic related activities, to identify service oriented business like Tailoring, Beauty parlor, making teddy bears, embroidery, Food Preparation and marketing skill.

To share the ideas to become an entrepreneur and to understand terminology of GDP, GST, PAN no and to develop article writing skill and paper presentation skill.

  • To enable students understand the fundamental rights of an Indian citizen.
  • To enable students realize and learn the fundamental duties of a good citizen of India.
  • To develop a sense of awareness among Indian youth.
  • To impart knowledge on product standards, product quality and about markets.

Sundar Pichai club

To understand the Google apps and its usage, developing programming skill, developing mobile apps for different usage, paper presentation techniques, and PPT techniques.

  • To install leadership and cooperative qualities while working together.
  • To inculcate creative skills using imagination in the form of Knowledge.
  • To develop abstract thinking.

Soft skill club

To discuss the topics covered for aptitude skill development, logical reasoning, Problem solving skills, and communication skill, to improve the technical skills on their own subjects and interview techniques.  

Shakespeare club

To develop the skills dialogue writing, elocution, poem writing and Techniques for PPT presentation and paper presentation techniques.

  • Increases innovation and creativity.
  • Provides marketing skills and finance management.
  • Provides satisfaction among customers through variety of food items.
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